Father’s Day

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What is Father’s Day?

On Father’s Day, we traditionally celebrate and honor fathers and father figures. It’s a day to show appreciation for the love, support, and guidance they provide. Celebrated in many countries worldwide, it is a time to recognize the important role dads play in our lives while being sensitive to children without a father figure in their lives.

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The Origins of Father’s Day

Father’s Day has an interesting history. It was first celebrated in the United States in the early 20th century. The idea originated from Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to honor her father, a Civil War veteran who raised six children on his own. Inspired by Mother’s Day, Sonora worked to establish a day that would recognize fathers. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. It gained popularity over the years and, as declared by President Richard Nixon in 1972, is now a national holiday.

When is Father’s Day Celebrated?

Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates worldwide. It falls on the third Sunday in June in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, celebrate it on the first Sunday in September. Regardless of the date, the sentiment remains the same: honoring the incredible dads out there.

How Do People Celebrate Father’s Day?

Families celebrate Father’s Day in various ways… depending on the family, traditions, and personal preferences. Here are some common ways people honor their dads… or the father figure in their lives.

Handwritten Cards and Messages

A special message or drawing can mean a lot to a dad. Taking the time to create a card for Dad can make the day even more special. Handmade cards are particularly cherished as they show love, effort, and thoughtfulness.

Father’s Day Card – Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grades Fathers Day Activities

Spending Time Together

Many people celebrate Father’s Day by spending quality time with their dad.. (or another important person in their life)! This could be a family barbeque, a fishing trip, or simply enjoying a family game or movie at home. The main thing is to create lasting memories and enjoy each other’s company.

Giving Gifts

Giving gifts is one of the more popular ways to celebrate Father’s Day. These can range from stories about Dad created by the child to hand-crafted items, photos, mugs, or a purchased gift. The key is to work with the child to choose something that has meaning for the child — something they think Dad would appreciate.

fathers day emergent reader

Father’s Day Activities – Develop Reading Comprehension by Writing & Reading

Virtual Celebrations

Virtual celebrations have become popular for those who can’t be with their dad in person. Video calls and online games allow families to connect and celebrate together, no matter the distance.

The Importance of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is more than just a day for gifts and celebrations. It’s a reminder to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and love that fathers and father figures provide. It’s a time to reflect on their impact on our lives and express gratitude for their support.

Whether it’s a simple phone call, a handmade gift, or spending time together… Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show Dad how much he means to you. Let’s create memories together!

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Have a great Father’s Day!


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